Rosie Nickerson
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How to be Asked Again

I had the idea for a book on shooting etiquette, when at a shoot lunch, I was sitting opposite a successful entrepreneur who mentioned that when he'd first taken up shooting, a few years previously, he'd wished there was such a book available: “No one tells you what to do, or how to do it, you are just expected ‘to know'” he told me.

With more people are taking up shooting as adults, many of them at the top of their game, they can find themselves catapulted into the heart of the country's top shooting estates feeling rather daunted. They would enjoy their day so much more, if they knew what to expect, and how to avoid common pit-falls.

The idea took root and I started writing the first few chapters. Richard Purdey, then chairman of Purdey's introduced me to Andrew Johnston of Quiller Press and in no time he's commissioned me formally to write it.

I didn't want the book to come across as patronising and bossy, so I decided to fill it with quotes and anecdotes from a wide range of people, starting with beaters, pickers up, keepers, lunch ladies, hots shots, top shots and lady shots.

In all I interviewed over 100 people. I even had one interview at Buckingham Palace! With the Earl Peel who is currently Lord Chamberlain and he regaled me with shooting stories often in a broad Yorkshire accent which he can do to perfection.

The most important thing of all, was to find the right illustrator. We needed someone who really understands the world of shooting and who has the right lightness of touch and humour to diffuse the occasionally serious tone of the book. I was delighted when Oliver Preston, whose work I'd always admired in The Field, agreed to come on board. Ollie's knowledge and understanding of shooting means that he really ‘got' the book and his input was invaluable in bringing the book to life.

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