Rosie Nickerson


For the last 23 years, I have freelanced for various different magazines on shooting and other country pursuits, particularly for The Field, and Tatler.

I was lucky enough to have a long country apprenticeship in the shooting field as I grew up in Lincolnshire, in a family who were all shooting fanatics.  As a result I was encouraged to start shooting very young, aged nine.  Ever since, I have shot all over the UK, and parts of Europe, but mostly in the North of England.  

I am very interested in all aspects of shooting, from conservation, to shoot management and I am passionate about good manners on the field as well as good sportsmanship. 

My book, How to be Asked Again , How to be the Perfect Shooting Guest, has sold over 12,500 copies since it was published by Quiller Press in October 2009.  It is also selling very well in America and is listed with one of the top publishers. 

If information, contacts or advice on any aspect of shooting are required for editorial, film, TV, or radio, I am happy to come on board as freelance writer or advisor.  

Rosie Whitaker, 

nee Nickerson