Rosie Nickerson with shotgun

Published articles

Below are a selection of Rosie's published articles in PDF format.

Willow farming.- The Field, April 2019

Capercaillie- The Field, May 2017

Moroccan Partridges- The Field, April 2017

Youngest in the field- The Field, Oct 2016

My First Partridge- Fieldsports Magazine, Oct/Nov 2016,

The Making of a Shotgun- Beyond Bespoke, November 2014

Plastics not fantastic- article about Tom Gullick, The Field, Sept 2014

An appreciation of Sir Joseph Nickerson- The Vintage Magazine, January 2014

Daughters in the line- The Field, Aug 2013

Cider- The Field, Oct 2012

Tweed Trousers- The Field, July 2012

Hardshots- The Field, March 2012

Record bag - The Field, October 2011

Essential Etiquette - Tatler, August 2011

Red Letter - The Field, December 2010

Pimp my Purdey - The Field, July 2010

Lower Farm - The Field, June 2010

Spectators - The Field, Feb 2010

The Draw - Fieldsports, Winter, 2009

Asked Again- The Field, October 2009

From an Early Age - Fieldsports, Summer 2009

Rifle Debutant - Fieldsports,Spring 2009

Young Guns - Fieldsports, Summer 2007